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The Top Ten Most Wealthiest Women in Finance World

About 19% of women hold leadership positions in the finance industry and only 2% are CEOs. This is because not many women are appointed to high positions in the finance sector. But this seems to be changing as more women today are holding executive positions in financial institutions.

It is high time that more women take up high positions in the finance sector. These ten women can help inspire young women to pursue leadership roles in this sector.

Arundhati Bhattacharya

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Bhattacharya is the chairman of the largest bank in India, State Bank of India. In 2016, Forbes named her as the 25th most powerful woman in the world. In her term of office as chairperson of one of the leading banks in India, she has established equality policies for women employees.

Isabelle Ealet

Isabelle Ealet was a commodities trader at Goldman Sachs Group and through hard work and dedication, she rose up the ranks to become partner. She is now the global co-head of securities at the company. It is believed that one day Ealet could be the first female to head a major Wall Street firm. Read more about Ealet from Bloombergs.

Diane Offereins

Diane Offereins is one of the most powerful women in the finance sector. Formerly an executive at Bank of America Corp, Southeast Bank and MBNA America Bank, Offereins is currently the executive vice president and president of Payment Services of Discover Financial Services.  Ms. Offereins also sits in the board of the Lorreto Hospital Foundation and the Chicago Network.

Barbara Byrne

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Barbara Byrne has appeared in the list of the “25 Most Powerful Women in Finance” several times. In 2016, an American Banker Magazine ranked her as the second most powerful woman in finance. Byrne began her career at Lehmans Brothers, which was later taken over by Barclays. Currently, Byrne is the vice chairman in investing banking at Barclays.

She has also co-produced a Wall Street themed movie titled “Equity.” Read more from Business Insider.

Ana Patricia Botin

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Spanish banker Ana Patricia Botin is the CEO of the Santander Group in the UK. She also worked at JP Morgan for more than 7 years and was once the executive chairman of a Spanish Bank called Banesto.

At one point in her career she was a director of the Coca-Cola Company. In 2016, Forbes magazine ranked Ms Botin as the 10th most powerful woman in the world.

Beth Mooney

Mooney has quite an impressive resume. For the 16 years that she has worked in the banking sector, Mooney has held several top positions in many major financial institutions. Mooney held the position of Regional President at Bank One at one point in her career. She was a Chief Operation Officer of DPL Inc. and she also served as the Group Head of the Tennessee and North Louisiana Banking Group. Currently, Mooney is the CEO and Chairman of KeyCorp. Read more from Forbes.

Mary Callahen Erdoes

Mary Callahen Erdoes is the Chief Executive Officer of JP Morgan Asset Management division. Erdoes began her career at Stein Roe & Farnham and it was actually her grandmother who helped her land the job. She later moved to Banker’s Trust and then to Meredith, Martin & Kaye before ending up at JP Morgan.

In 2012, she appeared in the “50 most influential” list of the Bloomberg markets. In 2013, Business Insider included her on its list of the “25 most powerful women on Wall Street,” and in 2016, Forbes magazine ranked her as the 60th most powerful woman in the world.

Christian Lagarde

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Ms. Lagarde is the managing director the IMF (International Monetary Fund). She is also a politician and a lawyer. She has held several ministerial positions in the French government and she is the first female to become a Finance Minister of the G8 and to head the IMF.

In 2009, she was ranked as the best Minister of Fiance in the Eurozone by the Financial Times. In 2014, Forbes magazine ranked Lagarde as the 5th most powerful woman in the world. Read her blog at IMF.

Abigail Johnson

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Abigail Johnson is a successful businesswoman who has a net worth of about $14 billion.

She is currently the President and CEO of Fidelity Investments and she is also the chairwoman of Fidelity International, a sister company of Fidelity Investments.

Johnson is a board member of SIFMA (Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association) and she is also a member of the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation.

In 2016, Forbes ranked Johnson as the 16th most powerful woman in the world.

Janet Yellen

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Janet Yellen in an economist who has worked with both President Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Yellen is the Chairwoman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the only woman to hold this position.

The former Harvard Professor was once the President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. She also served under President Bill Clinton as the Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers of the White House.

Yellen is said to the 4th most powerful woman in the world.

Bottom Line

Most women who get into business tend to venture more into fashion, health, cooking, diet and fitness and other less financially inclined industries. Very few women are interested in pursuing a career in finance and it is a sector that is mostly dominated by men. The women we have mentioned on our list have proven that women can indeed become successful bankers.

There are an inspiration to many young women out there looking to succeed in the financial sector. As more and more men and women graduate from college and university each year, there are also more social programs coming up that allow women to be able to balance a career and family life more easily.

So, there is a good chance that more women may hold high positions in the financial sector. But, the question is, is the financial industry failing women or is it that women in the financial sector are just not interested in holding high positions? If the financial industry appoints more women to high positions, then this would encourage more women to pursue executive or higher positions in the finance industry.

Read more about wealthy people. If you have any questions or comments, post them below.

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