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Top 10 Richest Female Rappers In The World

Who is the richest female rapper?

Here we go and reveal the best earning and the richest female rapper in the world starting from the 10th place going to the richest women rapper holding the first place.

We at think that this list is at least pleasure to view, meaning especially photos of these rich bitches. (Sorry for my words, but ya know what, that’s rappers list, not biz bullsh*t, agree?)

10 Trina – net worth $6 million

Trina, who’s real name is Katrina Laverne Taylor, holds the tenth place with her net worth of $6 million, which is not bad at all! Trina started her career 20 years old, and have released five albums.

Trina has been nominated for numerous music awards, and she has also won plenty of awards during years.

9 McLyte – net worth $8 million

Female rapper McLyte holds 9th place, her real name is Lana Moorer, and she is one of hip-hop’s female top names, and trend setters.

She started in 80’s, and released her first album back to 1988. It was the first female solo rap album. But not all money comes from music as she is also doing several businesses, and achieved remarkable net worth of $8 million. That’s the way to go!

Below McLyte’s video “Paper Thin”


8 Eve – net worth $10 million

The eights place belongs to Eve, also known as Jihan Jeffers-Cooper, she is not only female rapper, but also talented actress, seen in multiple movies. She has released four own albums and contributed to many releases with other well known artists including Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys.

Eve’s other businesses included also own clothing line, so it’s not a surprise that net worth is $10 million.

7 DJ Spinderella (WHAT A LOVELY NAME!) – net worth a bit over $10 million

The seventh place in heaven, i.e. in our richest female rappers list belongs to DJ Spinderella, that’s really name we love at, it just gives good vibes. Spinderella’s real name is Deidra Roper, she has collected net worth of a bit over $10 million, which should give also her good vibes.

That’s well earned as she actually started quite early, just 16 years old. She has also been in a few movies and owns beauty saloon! Which is somewhat every women’s fantasy! BTW Spinderella started her career as a “replacement DJ” in group called Salt-n-Pepa, and story continues.

Here’s cool DJ Spinderella’s workin’ the turntables video:

6 Cheryl James – net worth $14 million

The story continues here about Salt-n-Pepa… the sixth place goes to also ex-Salt-n-Pepa member Salt, who is in real world Cheryl James.

So, it was a good group to start as today also she is on our list. Net worth is around $14 million. Cheryl, or if you want, Salt has released five albums – with other two members, and achieved remarkable success.

5 Sandra Denton – net worth $15 million

Now this gets somewhat funny, the fifth place holder, Sandra Denton also knows as Pepa… guess what, yep! She was also was Salt’n’Pepa member. So, Deidra, Cheryl and Sandra, all ex-Salt’n’Pepa members take three-in-a-row consecutive places on our list! Sandras, or you you like, Pepa’s net worth is around $15 million.

So, together they have collected the total net worth of $39 million, which is quite amazing!

4 Lil’ Kim – net worth $18 million

Kimberly Denise Jones also known as Lil’ Kim hold the forth place. And should we just clarify, she is not ex-Salt’n’Pepa member, but she is multi talented female artist.

She is not only songwriter, model, and producer but she is also a famous rapper! We could just mention her four albums, and 36 singles, which have sold millions, and generated net worth of $18 million.

3 Missy Elliott – net worth $50 million ONLY

Now we’re starting to get in real business. The third place belongs to famous Missy Elliott. Her net worth is not 50 cents, but “only” $50 million. She has released six albums and amazing 72 singles, not to mention compilations and music videos.

And yes, she likes Adidas so much that she launched years ago sportswear clothing line with the brand. Now those “Respect Me” tracksuits etc. are somewhat collector items, and quite valuable – and of course sexy!

Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot is not only top earning female rap artist, but also dancer, and producer. Everyone remembers her performance at 2015 Superbowl halftime with Katy Perry! Enjoy the video below:

2 Queen Latifah – net worth $60 million

The second place goes to famous Dana Elaine Owens, known also as Queen Latifah. She is real multi talent as she is amazing rapper, an actress, comedian, producer, a model, talk show host and a writer holding net worth of $60 million.

But that does not stop there, has received the Grammy Award, two Emmy’s, Golden Globe, two Emmy’s and an Academy Award nomination, and was the first ever female rapper nominated for an Oscar. Does that sound amazing?

1 Nicki Minaj – net worth $70 million

The richest female rapper in the world is Nicki Minaj. She drives $400.000 pink Lamborghini, and smiles, but she can afford that with her $70 million net worth.

Nicki released her first album in 2010, and had plenty of hits at US Billboard’s, including 7 hints on Top 10 simultaneously – so, how it feels when money just rains in? That’s what we would like to ask. That must be quite amazing feeling.


Nicki was in Time Magazine’s 2016 Most Influential People In The World list and The New York Times considers her “the most influential female rapper of all time”. Not bad at all, especially if you’re young, popular and rich – only the sky is limit, and not even it!

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That’s that! This is actually our most popular list, and it’s not a surprise as it is full of beautiful rich women, who knows also how to have some fun! We will keep updating this list year after year, so you can enjoy smiles!

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