Discover what are the world's most expensive coffee beans

10 Most Expensive Coffees in the World

Let’s dicover what is the world’s most expensive coffee

There are many different drinks in the world, but coffee is definitely the most popular among all of them: it is produced in 70 countries and is consumed all over the world. In this article we would like to introduce you to the ten most expensive coffees in the world, a small cup of which will cost you a fortune.

People drink coffee in many occasions regardless time of year or weather: during breakfasts, official ceremonies, business meetings, and even dinners. Nowadays you can find a great variety of different kinds and brands of coffee in the market: while some of them are very cheap and affordable, others are quite expensive and are considered luxurious. Let’s find out what is the world’s most expensive coffee.

Coffee Yauco Selecto AA (Puerto Rico)

Coffee Yauco Selecto AA (Puerto Rico)
Coffee Yauco Selecto AA from Puerto Rico is one of the world’s most expensive coffees.

Coffee is the main commercial crop in Puerto Rico that serves as an economic staple in the country. Its main sort of coffee known as Yauco Selecto is believed to be the best in Puerto Rico and one of the best in the world due to the special techniques used for cultivation and natural elements present in the coffee.’

These coffee beans hail from the mountain region Yauco that is known for the high amount of rainfalls. In contrast to ordinary coffee, Yauco Selecto is quite expensive: for one lb. you will have to pay $24.

The Biftu Gudina (Ethiopia)

The Biftu Gudina (Ethiopia)
The Biftu Gudina coffee beans from Ethiopia are among the most expensive coffees in the world.

This Ethiopian coffee is quite new because it appeared in the market only in 2012. It has become popular very fast due to its luscious and very complex combination of different flavours. It is appreciated by coffee lovers and enthusiasts for its extraordinary wine like structure with notes of jasmine and tangerine citrus. The average price of the Biftu Gudina is $26 per lb.

Mi Esperanza Coffee (Honduras)

Mi Esperanza Coffee (Honduras)
World’s most expensive coffee beans: Mi Esperanza Coffee from Honduras

This delicious Central American kind of coffee is cultivated and produced in Honduras, and available all over the world. It has earned the title of one of the best and most expensive coffees due to its natural characteristics and unusual combination of flavours, such as chocolate, fruits, nuts, and spice.

Coffee enthusiasts also like this coffee for its intense aroma and the absence of a bitter after-taste that is so common for most kinds of coffee. If you want to treat yourself to a cup of this coffee, be ready to pay $35 for lb.

Los Planes Coffee (El Salvador)

Los Planes Coffee (El Salvador)
Los Planes Coffee from El Salvador is very expensive

This coffee is cultivated in mountains in El Salvador in the area Chalatenango and is loved for the combination of flavours of tangerine with brown sugar and caramel threads. According to the Cup of Excellence rating this coffee was rated as the second best coffee in 2006 and the 6th best coffee in 2011. One interesting characteristic of the beans of this coffee is that they are larger than average coffee beans. $40 per lb. – it is an average price of this coffee.

Blue Mountain (Jamaica)

Blue Mountain coffee beans from Jamaica are among the most expensive coffee beans in the world.

Even though this coffee costs $49 per lb. it is one of the favourite and widely consumed coffees in the world that is originally from Jamaica. The coffee beans grow high in the Blue Mountains at the height of 5,000 ft. – the area known for heavy and constant rainfalls. The taste of the Blue Mountain coffee is absolutely unique and unusual due to the presence of flavours of cherries. It is considered to be a perfect daily coffee that helps you to wake up in mornings.

Fazenda Santa Ines (Brazil)

Fazenda Santa Ines (Brazil)
Fazenda Santa Ines coffee form Brazil is very expensive, but delicious and tasty.

This high-quality Brazilian coffee is cultivated and produced by the Pereira Family since the year of 1979 at the height of 1,200 metres – perfect condition for growing of good coffee beans. This coffee is characterized by creamy and rich body, a mild pleasant acidity and tender and sweet notes of milk chocolate.

According to the rating of the Cup of Excellence, the Fazenda Santa Ines coffee was considered to be the best one in the world in 2005. Thus, it is not surprising that one lb. of this coffee costs $50.

Molokai Coffee (Hawaii)

Molokai Coffee (Hawaii)
Molokai Coffee from Hawaii

This Hawaiian coffee is cultivated on the 500-acre coffee farm that is located in a small village of Kualapuu at the height of 850 feet. The weather conditions in Hawaii are believed to be one of the best in the world, which lead to the production of high-quality and very popular coffee with floral aroma and caramel and berry taste. For those, who want to enjoy a cup of this luxury aromatic beverage, the price will be approximately $51 per one lb.

Esmeralda Gesha – Tasty But Expensive Coffee from Panama

Esmeralda Gesha (Panama)
Esmeralda Gesha coffee beans from Panama

This kind of coffee cultivated in Panama high in the mountains at the average height of 1,500 meters. In 2004 this coffee received the award of the best coffee in the world, which is definitely a significant achievement of the brand. Though it remains one of the most accessible and affordable expensive coffees in the world, its price is quite height: between $50 and $150 per lb. The flavour of the coffee is a combination of juniper berry, rose and lavender.

Ospina – Very Expensive Coffee Beans from Colombia

Ospina coffee from Colombia is very expensive, but tasty.

This coffee from Columbia received its title thanks to their plantators – the Ospina Families, who have been cultivating and producing coffee in Colombia for many years. The company was established in 1835 by Don Mariano Ospina Rodriguez, who is considered to be one of the coffee pioneers in Latin America.

This coffee is definitely unique because it is grown in volcanic ash that gives it nut and warm strong caramel flavours with clean and very smooth finish. It is quite rare coffee and therefore is so expensive – $120 per lb.

Kopi Luwak (Indonesia) – The World’s Most Expensive Coffee

Kopi Luwak (Indonesia)
Kopi Luwak from Indonesia is the world’s most expensive coffee

For many decades Kopi Luwak has remained the most expensive coffee in the world with the price ranging from $150 to $600 per lb. However, it is not only the price that makes this coffee so popular and unique.

The main characteristic of it is that its coffee beans undergo the fermentation process inside of the animal called civet that is also known as “toddy cat”. Eaten by a civet, coffee beans go through digestion process and as a result receive a complex and very sweet tasting flavour of tea, plum, and rose.

Have you tasted any of these expensive, but tasty coffees? What is you favorite? Or do you think that ordinary coffee is the perfect choice?

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