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The 10 Highest-Paid DJs in the World

Who is the highest paid dj?

Like electronic music? How about starting DJ career? Not sure if it could be rewarding financially? Do not hesitate anymore, let the beat go on! Read this list of of best earning music DJs in the World. If you don’t trust alone, take a look also on Forbes magazine article.

Let´s start as usual from the 10th place… and go through ten DJs to the 1st place. Here is the uUpdated 2017 list of best earning music DJs.

10 Afrojack – net worth $50 million – estimated $9 Million earnings

DJ Afrojack started music career by playing piano as you as five years old boy, but soon realized that real passion is electronic music. He started as a DJ in local Dutch aged only 14, too young to get any alcohol drinks legally! He is know of world wide chart buster hit “Take over control”, and dating Paris Hilton.

Mr. Nick van de Wall has a net worth of $50 million, so changing piano playing to DJ career was quite lucrative decision! He holds the 10th place at our top paid djs list.

9 Zedd – net worth $25 million – estimated $17 Million earnings

Zedd AKA Anton Zaslavski also started music career early by playing piano only fours years old, so there must be some magical connection with pianos and electronic dance music! Hes is best known of “Clarity” called single, which sold over two million copies. In 2016 Zedd played at famous Coachella Festival.
This Russian-German producer, DJ and musician have collected net worth around $25 million, and estimated earnings are $17 million.

8 Martin Garrix – net worth $25 million – estimated $17 Million earnings

Number 8th place holder Martin Garrix AKA Martijn Garritsen started also quite young and has seen amazing rise to the fame and fortune as he have managed to collect net worth of around $25 million, and $17 million earnings being only 20 years old.

He have already own record label STMPD Rocerds and he holds top DJ places at many lists, so future looks even brighter for Mr. Garritsen.

7 Kaskade – net worth $40 million – estimated $18 Million earnings

DJ Kascade AKA Ryan Gary Raddon started back to 1995, and have influenced electronic dance music genre since then. Currently he holds 7th place at The 10 Highest-Paid DJs in the World top list – which is by the way quite remarkable achievement.

Kascade’s net worth is around $40 million and estimated earnings $18 million. How he managed to get this kind of figures? Quite simply, being amazingly good DJ, and pricing hes performances up to $500.000. Quite simple formula! However, he is talented, and has worked with other top DJs such as Tiesto, and performed with Radiohead at Coachella.

Watch: Kaskade – Never Sleep Alone (Official Video)

6 Avicii – net worth $75 million – estimated $19 Million earnings

Mr. Tim Bergling comes from Sweden and holds sixth place at our famous list of top eaning DJs. He started with breakthrough in Europe in 2010 with single “Seek Bromance”. As a open minded Swedish gentleman he managed to get music video made for “Seek Bromance” release to be banned in the USA. Why? We don’t really get that, as it only included scenes of drug use and a threesome, normal things in Stockholm! However, in reality he is very good person as he have for example House for Hunger charity which has worked for example with Laura Bush’s Feed Foundation project to help feed children in Africa.

5 Steve Aoki – net worth $55 million – estimated $24 Million earnings

Fifth place belongs to Steven Hiroyuki Aoki, who comes from Miami. Steven started own record label being only a bit under twenty, and released his first solo album in 2012 called “Wonderland”. It was so wonderful that it earned nomination for a grammy!

Steven is not only a top DJ, and producer, but also a business man as he have invested in restaurants, and other businesses. However, he supports also community projects through the Music is Revolution Foundation. Net worth is estimated to be around $55 million and earnings $24 million.

4 Skrillex – net worth estimated $24 Million earnings

Skrillex AKA Sonny John Moore from Los Angeles have been in the scene since 2008, and have managed to get various nominations and actual music awards. He have of course a huge number of fans, which makes it easy to ask remarkable, actual huge, price for performances.

Net worth is around @36 million and estimated earnings around $24 million, giving the fourth place at our top earners list. Well done!


3 Tiësto – net worth $105 million – estimated $36 Million earnings

The third place goes to our personal favorite – worl famous Dutchman – Tiësto AKA Tijs Michiel Verwest – who is sure well known to clubbers around the globe.

Net worth is $105 million and earnings aroud $36 million, but that’s all well earned.

Tiësto is a founder of Black Hole Recordings back in 1997, and he became famous in 2001 at Amsterdam’s clubs, and continued refresh the genre with whole new ideas and concepts to the date.

Watch: Tiësto – Live @ Ultra Music Festival 2016

2 David Guetta – net worth $60 million – estimated $37 Million earnings

David Guetta from Paris is also called “The Grandfather of Electronic Dance Music” as he have influenced the genre so long time since 1967,and achieved numerous music awards, such as Grammys and best DJ awards.

Within over 25 years career he have worked with famous artists such as Nicky Minaj, Kelly Rowland, Snoop Dogg and Madonna creating amazing ambient and chilled-out mixes. Net worth is around $60 million, and estimated earnings $37 million.

1 Calvin Harris – net worth $110 million – estimated $66 Milion earnings

The first place as the highest earning DJ belongs to Calvin Harris AKA Adam Richard Wiles from Scotland. he is the highest paid dj in the world.

However, today he lives in Los Angeles. Started music career when EMI discovered he from Myspace in 2002, and success followed in the form of multiple smash hits such as “I’m not alone”, and “18 Months”. Of course Grammy and MTV awards belongs to him also!

Net worth is around $110 million and estimated earnings $66 million.

Watch: Calvin Harris – My Way (Official Video)

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