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    Top Ten Richest Boxers in the World

    Boxing has become one of the most popular sports in the world. The combat sport which is about strength, reflexes, speed and endurance is one of those sports that require a person to know how to throw and duck punches. There are only a handful of successful millionaire boxers in the world. So let us […] More

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    Top 10 World’s Highest Paid Actresses

    The film industry has made many actresses into millionaires, with some appearing in the Forbes list of the highest paid actresses in the world. Very few actresses get to take home millions of dollars each year and on the lucky few have found their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So here […] More

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    Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy We respect the intellectual property rights of others just as we expect others to respect our rights. Pursuant to Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Title 17, United States Code, Section 512(c), a copyright owner or their agent may submit a takedown notice to us via our DMCA Agent listed below. As […] More

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    The Top Ten Most Wealthiest Women in Finance World

    About 19% of women hold leadership positions in the finance industry and only 2% are CEOs. This is because not many women are appointed to high positions in the finance sector. But this seems to be changing as more women today are holding executive positions in financial institutions. It is high time that more women […] More

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    Ten Things You Cannot Afford If You Are Not a Millionaire

    We live in different times, where the price tag of some picayune things is so unbelievable that is literally hard to fathom. But, this is the world we live in, where the poorest people cannot afford food and the wealthiest people are willing to splash their millions on ridiculously expensive watches, books, cigars and other […] More

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    Top 10 Most Expensive Elements on Earth

    There are 118 recognized elements on our planet, 94 of which occur naturally. While some of these elements are quite ordinary, common and are spread widely, others are very precious with incredible prices for each gram of them. Probably, everyone knows that platinum, gold and silver are quite valuable but what about others, more rare […] More

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    10 Most Expensive Coffees in the World

    expensive coffee beans

    There are many different drinks in the world, but coffee is definitely the most popular among all of them: it is produced in 70 countries and is consumed all over the world. In this article we would like to introduce you to the ten most expensive coffees in the world, a small cup of which […] More

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    The 10 Richest Actors in Hollywood

    Jack Nicholson

    Successful actors are known to rake in huge cash rewards, especially if they are well-established in prominent movie industries such as the premier Hollywood Movie Industry. Most of their cash revenues come from movie checks, endorsements, and television reruns of their shows. As actors grow wealthier, they also get to chose which shows and movies […] More

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    Top 10 Most Expensive Drones Not Everyone Can Buy

    Drones have evolved from their initial builds as model aircrafts that were used in the laboratory to simulate how an actual aircraft would operate in the real world. They were quite cheap in those days, till technological revolution in the aviation sector allowed gave them a lease of life as pilot-less planes. To date, sophisticated […] More

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    Top 15 Most Expensive Shoes in the World

    Original Oz Ruby Slippers

    Shoes are the most important part of our footwear. They not only protect our feet and provide comfort, but they also show our fashion taste. In fact, high-end shoes are a marker of social status or degree of financial success. Most shoes are gender-specific, that is there is men footwear and female footwear; but there […] More

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